How do NFTs and tickets combine?

NFTs and ticketing systems have finally met, sounds cool, right? Read on to find how both the event organizer and attendee can benefit from digital asset creation.

What is an NFT?

First of all, we need to explain what NFT stands for and what exactly does it mean. A Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset, stored on the blockchain. Each NFT certifies that the digital asset is one of a kind and therefore cannot be replaced with anything else. Usually, it is associated with an easily reproducible item such as a ticket, a piece of music or art, a video, an in-game item or any other type of digital file. Unlike NFTs however, Bitcoin and Ethereum are fungible, which means that they can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value.

How does it work with tickets

On NFTTickets, the event organizer can mint the required number of NFT tickets on their choice of blockchain platform and sell them. When programming the NFT it can be at a set price or as an auction where people can bid for the tickets. In addition, it is possible to code everything into the digital ticket – an image of the ticket, ID number, verification method etc. The customer can then purchase the NFT ticket and store it in their digital wallet.

Benefits of NFT Ticketing

NFTs can improve the ticketing experience for both the organizer and attendee. Here are some advantages:

Putting an end to the frauds and forgeries:

The transfer of an NFT from the initial sale to any subsequent resale is immutably recorded and stored on the blockchain, which allows both the organizer and ticket holder to easily verify the authenticity of the ticket and prevent fraudulent schemes.

  • Printing time: Every NFT can be minted, online and ready to sell in less than a minute.

  • Minimize costs: Compared to traditional ticketing systems, the cost associated with minting and selling NFTs is negligible.

  • New opportunities: NFT-based tickets serve as programmable money, which creates potential for new revenue opportunities. For instance, NFT tickets can be resold as collectables, rewarding fans who have collected a certain number of event tickets and much more.

The platform - introduction

Welcome to the world of NFT tickets – on our platform where you can find everything you need to know about NFT tickets.

We offer a state-of-the-art event organizer portal where you can prepare and issue NFT tickets for all your events. Check out our platform so you can model your events, create the seating structure, assign a ticket number and individualized information to each ticket.

Performing and visual arts

With NFT ticketing, artists can finally regain leverage over event profits and get properly rewarded for their work! NFT ticketing is a step towards automation of the event management process and as such it will help reduce staffing and material costs.

You can track your fans and reach them individually, get their feedback or invite them to crowdfund your next art project. You will enjoy unprecedented security in terms of ticket fraud; ticket scalping, reselling, price gouging etc. are virtually impossible with this exciting new technology.

Community based events

NFT ticketing is a neat and slick new way to issue tickets for your community-based event at lower cost, in less time and with increased fraud-safety. NFT tickets open a new world of event management and event marketing opportunities. NFT tickets can act much like a loyalty card, letting you track event attendance, set up individualized promos, manage group attendance discounts and even put the NFT tickets on sale as collectibles.

What are POATs And Why You Want Them

POAT is your Proof of Attendance Ticket, which is an extension of the POAP - Proof of Attendance Protocol. A POAT can be any ticket that you bought to a unique event in the past which has been transferred into an NFT. With POAT technology you don't just keep the memories and toss the ticket; being an attendee to a particular event, you become part of the community that is inherently built around an event.

POAT brings community participation to the next level. When someone in the community decides to create a closed community event (e.g., a deep-fan experience or behind the scenes), the doors will automatically open for you.

How to use POATs?

First you mint your past-events tickets as POATs then display them on your account as visible POATs, following the instructions in the POAT options list, which will directly link them to our categories and event organizers. That will prevent you from ever having to check for updates, hot offers and events. You never have to worry about missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, since your visible POAT will automatically save you a place in the unique special event! The display will make you visible and reachable to your community.

This is just the start of POATs benefits so minting all your tickets with us is a no-brainer!

Marketplace & Showroom

All events created on our platform will also provide you with the option to sell tickets at our marketplace! With multiple selections to choose from including quantity, value, bundles and other promotions, our partners can list their tickets for sale at preferential rates, as well as benefit from our virtual event showroom where users can browse and buy other event collectibles displayed by the event designer. Upon selecting the "exhibition" option to benefit from our virtual showroom, our team of experts will establish contact to discuss your products and help you display them properly in the 3D showroom for your pre-sale or grand opening. Delivery of any physical collectibles remains the responsibility of the event creator.

Constantly evolving and seeking better ways to connect events and attendees, our NFT Ticketing platform, Marketplace and Showroom will inspire people and industries alike, to embrace the NFTs as the future of ticketing and event creation.

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